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I love to know there’s a reason for that rattling i hear coming from your head and its not because there are a few screws loose…just sayin 





even kids know the meaning of love better than most teens and adults -.- they were so beautiful though :) x

“when you tell a guy you like his shirt and he wears it everyday”

"…Your name is safe in their mouth…" profound

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This is Molly. I raised her from a pup the size of my hand. She passed away last year. Regardless of what anyone thinks pets impact your life in more positive ways than you can imagine. I’ve missed her everyday since her passing.

The last 6 months of her life she was very ill, but that didn’t stop her from using all her energy to greet me at the door or as close as she could get when i came home. I’d have to carry her back to her bed and hand feed her, but she would do it again the next day. If i didn’t have to work, she’d stay in her bed most of the day only getting up to use the papers i set up nearby or drink water.

On the day she died, it was the only time she didn’t greet me near the door. Molly was in her bed, when she saw me she looked up gave me that little doggy smile yelped softly and put her head back down. When i walked over to her…she had passed on…she waited for me to come home to say goodbye…there will never be another dog/person like her and i was a better man for having her in my life.

Rest in peace my sweet angel.
Molly 1997-2011

I just want someone to love me that I can just be me with. :/ gr
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Accepting applications for Girlfriend

Requirements- come as you are, imperfections and baggage are accepted, we can work on dropping the baggage off a cliff together. Be sure to bring your smile, sense of humor, and love of sci-fi, anime, music, reading, poetry, movies and other geeky stuff, (twilight fans will be tolerated, as long as they also enjoy real vampires too). An open mind, love of art in all its forms, and caring giving nature are preferred.

Benefits- a comprehensive compensation package comprised of most of my free time, undivided attention, affection, loyalty, and boundless opportunities for romance and adventure. (well more romance than adventure) Passion is included in this package.

What I offer- intensity, loyalty, compassion and companionship. A wild and bizarre sense of humor, intelligence and insight bordering on prophecy. A nurturing and supportive nature, (but I will talk shit, because I do that). Open minded toward a vast array of things, willing to listen to all opposing views. An ear to listen to all you have to say, constructive criticism when requested, a shoulder to cry on available 24-7

Open til filled, temp-to-perm
1 position available 


He just found out he is in love with a monster…

Rule 4. Vampires need blood to live

Having just fed in front of Owen for the first time, Abby comforts him. Unfortunately she will have to leave as her layer has been discovered, so she gives Owen a kiss goodbye…one last bloody kiss…his first kiss

Owen: will you go steady with me?
Abby: what does that mean?
Owen: it means will you be my girlfriend
Abby: Owen…i’m not a girl…(sigh)
Owen: …what are you?
Abby: …I’m nothing…

I’ve always taken this dialogue to mean that Abby, while female, isn’t a woman, and isn’t a girl simply by the fact she’s walked the earth for 200+ years. That she is a vampire comes into to play as well. She’s been alone all this time with no vampire training as it were, she just knows to stay out of the sun and that she needs blood to live. She doesn’t really know what she is. That bothers her a great deal. And while she has feelings for Owen, she doesn’t want to mislead him, so on the verge of tears, she tells him something she thinks Owen needs to know…

BTW: For the uninformed this film is based off a novel by JOHN AJVIDE LINDQVIST (JAL) and a Swedish film by the same title, Let the Right One In (LtROI).  The vampire in the novel and Swedish  film is named Eli. Eli is very "different" than Abby in many respects.

Rule 1. A vampire MUST be invited into your home.

Eli and Oskar are just too cute together. At this moment, only they exist in the world…

Eli + Oskar

they are just soooooo cute