There’s been ample discussion about the Martells being textually coded as people of color based on how they are otherized/exoticized and orientalized in the text.  (Double down on Mediterranean history, and GRRM interviews, too.)  From the text, it wasn’t unreasonable, it wasn’t delusional, to assume or expect that these characters were people of color.  

But as I was going through my Game of Thrones tchotchkes today I remembered I have a first edition copy of  The Art of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (2005) from Fantasy Flight Games (that I actually got signed the week it was released.) This was before the show was optioned; back them all fans had to go on was artwork from Fantasy Flight Games’s different licenses.

Book blurb:

The unforgettable images in this volume are drawn from book covers and special editions, comic books, board and card games, concept art, and fan art personally selected by George Martin from the thousands of illustrations that have been inspired by his work.

I was excited to buy this book because although I had seen thousands of official and unofficial pieces of artwork for the series, I had no idea what GRRM himself envisioned.  The book was exciting, because for example, it confirmed that Strong Belwas was black (disproving the readers who thought “nut-brown” meant white.)  Here was a giant deck of pictures that GRRM “personally selected” to represent Winterfell, the Dothraki, the Tyrells, Dorne, etc.

Above are some of the photos from the two volumes of the art books.

  1. Princes of the Sun by Tomasz Jedruszek (Vol 2, page 91)   This is the cover to the Princes of the Sun Martell card game expansion and features a Dornishman with dark skin tone and a woman in a veil.   Prints for sale at the artist’s site.   The architecture for the castle in the background vaguely reminds me of this Mosque in Mali (any world architecture buffs want to help me narrow this down, though?)
  2. Scheming in the Sand by by Sasha Diener (Vol 2, page 86) depicts Arianne Martell and Aerys Oakheart.  Her coin headdress evoke Berber/North African sequined headbands/head dresses, or the random stuff you can find at belly dancing online shops.
  3. The Red Viper by Natascha Roeoseli (Vol 1, page 166)
  4. To Be a Viper  by Gabrielle Portal, in the House Martell chapter (Vol 2, page 83)  A snake charmer straight outta Agrabah.   The practice of snake charming comes from Northern Africa and spread across the Middle East to South Asia
  5. House Dayne Reserves by Ryan Barger depicts generic Dornish soldiers who served House Dayne.  Though members of the Dayne family have Valyrian features, the Dornishmen who serve them do not, and here one is wearing a keffiyeh.
  6. Sunspear by Martina Pilcerova (Vol 1, page 168) This GRRM-endorsed picture of Sunspear is pretty much an exact rip off of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, including bizarrely the sticky-outy part of the ceremonial barge.   The domes are based on Mughal architecture and there is a minaret.
  7. Two Steps Ahead by Jean Tay, scanned by this fan. (Vol 1, page 167)   I think this is supposed to be Doran Martell.   The image look this desaturated in my book, too.
  8. Nymeria Sand by John Gravato (Vol 1, page 168) found on this tumblr via Google Image Search.  She is carrying scimitars.
  9. The Water Gardens by Anders Finer (Vol 1, page 165) I cropped the giant fountain out of this piecture to just focus on the kids.  The Water Gardens is supposed to be full of all sorts of kids so the Martells can hide their children around valuable decoys.  The Martell children are supposed to blend right in with the other children.
  10. Dornish Riders by John Gravato (Vol 1, page 171) scanned from my copy of the book.  It depicts Dornish riders on (bactrian?) camels streaking across the hot Dornish desert.

Note:   When there was an online version of this picture at the artist’s site, I have linked to the original piece rather than rely on my own or other people’s scans.  I also took some screencaps from’s preview of volume 2.  Although there are other official Fantasy Flight art pieces online (resulting in several dozen different interpretations of one character like Oberyn, and weird inaccuracies like a blonde Ellaria Sand and a super-white Sarella Sand.) I figured I’d stick to the ones that were good enough to make Martin’s special cut.   In the prologue of the first artbook, Martin says these “spectacular pieces” best represented his vision.

look at these photos, hand-selected apparently by George RR Martin himself, and I have a hard time believing that he “always” pictured Dorne as only Southern European.  

If I just showed you the entire collection these pictures, and didn’t tell you they were of Dorne, would you still think these pieces meant to depict Southern Europeans?

There’s a multiplicity of reasons why so many fans thought the Dornish were characters of color.



Disclaimer:  Obviously ASOIAF, Game of Thrones, and other trademarks and rights are owned by George RR Martin, HBO, Fantasy Flight Games, and the respective artists who created these pieces. An effort has been made to source these pieces and properly credit them.  These images are presented here for fair use commentary/criticism purposes only.  To purchase either book, go here:  Vol 1 and Vol 2

Sooo, is anyone else starting to feel like they’re being gaslighted or is it just me?

my mouth is hanging open from top to bottom of this entire post.

we r TOTALLY being gaslighted. 



Finally watching tons of interview videos pays off. George reads part of a Victarion chapter coming up in the 6th book and I’m pretty hyped. It’s the last ten minutes of the video. 


i think i mentioned this to you…. a loooooooooong time ago, however i think it was b4 u read dwd

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{So I’ll just write it here, I hope you don’t mind.}

1. You cannot associate the “sex room” (lol at the name btw xD) vision with the way the Undying “attacked” Daenerys. Different “species” for one, AND, the woman on the floor was hardly another visitor like Daenerys, I think. Even if she was, and even if the Undying DID use the visitors’ bodies for their own, those little rat-faced things were not the Undying. 

2. Renly Baratheon? If that was so, I don’t think GRRM would bother describing him as “smiling sadly with grey lips.” Furthermore, Tywin & Tyrell forces didn’t even arrive by the sea.

3. As for the blue flower and the “child of three” thing… well, I don’t know why you felt the need to make additions there, since we already linked them to R+L=J, as you said. 

4. The wildling princess (Val) does not have red hair. She’s blonde.

my reply:

I beg to differ about the undying, the vision was supposed to be Dany’s future/past/present it seems to me that it was showing her, the fate of those who wander into the HoUD and would be valid as a future vision as it pertains to her.


“Their voices echoed through the yards and halls until the castle rang and it seemed as though some great pack of direwolves haunted Winterfell, instead of only two… two where there had once been six. Do they miss their brothers and sisters too? Bran wondered. Are they calling to Grey Wind and Ghost, to Nymeria and Lady’s Shade? Do they want them to come home and be a pack together?”

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Dany’s Visions in the House of the Undying


This post will give a review (supported with quotes and passages) of the visions Daenerys Targaryen saw in the House of the Undying and speculate what they could mean.

In one room, a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawled over her. They had rattish pointed faces and tiny pink hands, like the servitor who had brought her the glass of shade. One was pumping between her thighs. Another savaged her breasts, worrying at the nipples with his wet red mouth, tearing and chewing.

This has been interpreted by many as the war that had been raging in Westeros at the time. The beautiful woman on the floor is Westeros itself, and the “four little men” who are crawling over her are the four kings. (As there were never actually five kings at the War of the Five Kings at the same time, because Balon Greyjoy crowned himself after Renly died.)

Since the House of the Undying shows visions of past, present and future, we cannot know for certain if the fourth “dwarf” represents Balon Greyjoy or Renly Baratheon. The interpretation is up to you.

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There are a few theories here i take issue with and lets begin with the first.

  • “In one room, a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawled over her. They had rattish pointed faces and tiny pink hands, like the servitor who had brought her the glass of shade. One was pumping between her thighs. Another savaged her breasts, worrying at the nipples with his wet red mouth, tearing and chewing.”

 While it has been said that this is a vision of the war in Westerose I see 2 things here which are also quite possible.

1st its not a vision at all, in fact it was a “sex room” of sorts for the little men who work in the house of the undying, they pay them in flesh and since one was no higher than Dany’s knee, 4 of them mucking about on 1 woman would make sense to me. 2nd the plight of women to be fodder for men, an issue close to The Mother of Dragon’s heart. She had began as such, sold as chattel to Drogo, but then finding the man in him and becoming one, thus gaining his power, his love, and her strength. I think the proposed theory was over thinking IMO, as the little rat men aren’t fighting each other, rather enjoying a woman who appears helpless. I can understand how some may have drawn that conclusion as you can refer to your land as the “mother country” but I don’t think this is the case here.

EDIT: This neat little passage below pretty much sums up the first vision. Its supposed to be Dany, and the undying using her as their pleasure/rejuvenation

 “The Undying were all around her, blue and cold, whispering as they reached for her, pulling, stroking, tugging at her clothes, touching her with their dry cold hands, twining their fingers through her hair. All the strength had left her limbs. She could not move. Even her heart had ceased to beat. She felt a hand on her bare breast, twisting her nipple. Teeth found the soft skin of her throat. A mouth descended on one eye, licking, sucking, biting…”

  • “A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly.”

 Renly on the black water come on people that was a give away.

  •  “…mother of dragons… child of three…“Three?” She did not understand.…three heads has the dragon… the ghost chorus yarnmered inside her skull with never a lip moving, never a breath stirring the still blue air….”

 Well this would support the R+L=J crowd combined with the line below. Jon Snow the Prince who was promised heh…why not?

  •  “A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness…. mother of dragons, bride of fire”

 This one is rather tricky so I looked up some info on dreams, I think we can consider a vision a waking dream so with that I looked into the meaning of flowers, and smell and found something interesting. The color blue holds a meaning of peace and calm, while the sweet smell means the birth of a son, who will be noble and honorable. Take into account who is behind that ice wall…none other than Ned Stark’s Bastard, who (as we will discover later has made a peace with the wildlings and harbors an co-joined force behind the wall). Now for the bride of fire, that’s what the wildlings call red haired women and behind the wall is Melisandra, and the Wildling Princess (I think she has red hair too) and we all know Mel the red priestess of R’hllor would make her a bride of fire. I can’t deduce anything from the way that line is written. More often than not phrasing is important but that line gives me nothing more to go on, so I don’t know why those to phrases art together unless Dany is supposed to go to the wall and meet Mel and Jon Snow but that is a massive leap without any support for it.

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The most fitting death for Ramsay and Roose would be for the Stark dire wolves to tear them apart.


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I respect your opinion. And i agree with a few of your points, however i disagree overall. Mainly it seems your main grievance is over people who were not established in the show (Great Jon excluded). I think Talsa’s murder makes up fore a plump Mormont girl getting an axe in the gut. As a show there are a lot of things when translated from a book that just wouldn’t fly. Playing Bolton as the turncoat early (as he had dinner with Jamie and Brenne) and finally showing he totally f-ed over the Starks when Cat peeks under his leathers, and that he allowed her to do so. Also Cat noticing things were amiss when the doors were shut was major and well done. As for Roslin she was scared shit, and as (i assume) someone who was constantly mistreated she knew just to be still and quiet but there was mortal fear upon her face . Over all taking the wealth of materal they did a good job getting to the essence of a scene. Remember big battles cost money and the dragon scenes ate the show budget i’m sure.

Coming Soon! Game of Thrones: The Musical

the seed has been planted, scenes in my head, lyrics are being written as i write this…In my follow up to Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows-the musical… comes.Game of Thrones: The musical… and the opening act is to die for…

ADWD Spoilers:


I just had a thought. None of the kings have been given POV chapters. So then is it weird I consider that something of a sign Dany won’t win in the end? Unless it was just a coincidence George never gave the other kings POV chapters. Eh just a thought.

Always thought it was the other way around. He gives a POV to some characters because he wants us to side in certain ways with that character, or at least understand their struggles. He gave her a POV because of that, and he didn’t give the other contenders for the throne one, because he didn’t want us to support more their causes more than hers (even if it doesn’t work that way fro some).
After some time, Dany’s end game started being very obvious. We kinda know which characters he is not going to kill. Even for example in Jon’s case. If he had killed him off once and forever, then he wouldn’t have left it as a cliffhanger, he would have killed him and be done with it.

GRRM is a lazy fuck, and more than likely when he on the spur of the moment decided to drop 500 pages from ADWD to put into The Winds Of Winter, Jon Snow’s time was up or mayhaps The Red Woman will come to his aid and revive him much like Thros of Myr has done for Donderridon. I cannot speculate as it causes me much rage and great unhappiness. I’m gonna look around his Not A Blog page on live journal for additional info…


King in the North by ~Wilmar-Ballespi