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Get her back on the set…shes going bonkers

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[AU] - Arya returns to the North 

“You must give yourself to Him of Many Faces.” The Kindly Man told her. “Who are you?” He would ask, over and over and she’d always reply saying, “No One.” Each time, it was lie; both she and the Kindly Man knew. But there came a day when Arya allowed herself to slip away. She threw away her vengeance, her name, her family and bathed in Death’s black cloak. The girl’s sacrifice didn’t go unrewarded and thus the Many Faced God gave her the Power she sought. 

For years Arya Stark of Winterfell had lain dead in No One’s bottomless pit. And she continued to slowly rot amidst that darkness until No One traveled across the Narrow Sea to seek her next target. It was there in the woods of the Riverlands that they met. A large beast with yellow orbs possessing fur crafted of smoke and snow approached her in the black of night. ,

On that evening, No One’s eyes shut, just like she closed countless others. The she-wolf had slain her and through No One’s death, Arya Stark was reborn. Together, they traveled back to Winterfell. The Forgotten daughter of Ned Stark and her Direwolf had finally come home. 

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Is that the first man you’ve killed? The first man.

see this is what i’m talking about…that frst one was an accident…but that dude…he got what was coming to him…don’t talk shit bout house stark…

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Here comes the King of the North! King of the North! King of the North!

thats a horrible sight to wake up too… poor thing…

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I heard you talkin shit bout House Stark…

In that moment Arya had no fucks left to give, her intent was to kill that asshole and she did with prejudice…in front of his friends…not one fuck given to what they would do…

Hound: is that the first man you’ve killed?
Arya: the first MAN
lest we forget she killed a boy by accident, but killed him up close none the less…so begins the life of our little assassin…

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eeeh  i can’t believe you gif makers r gonna make me download and pull the clip myself…fine… FINE

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Friendly reminder that Arya watched Greywind die ✿◕‿◕✿




this is one of the changes they made that pissed me off.




like i didnt get pissed at a lot of changes they made, but that moment was one of my fave Arya moments in ACOK. and the show took that away

the show didn’t have a choice, the way the set was designed, they were walking out of the front gate, there was absolutely no way Arya could have killed a guard unnoticed. she was out in the open. Also they are not making her a killer in the show yet, her first kill was an accident. So in a sense she’s still innocent but her path remains the same.

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1.06 // 3.07

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When sass turns evil…

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wait wait wait….face tits and balls…. oh my poor Arya…been around them salty men too long


thought she was going to say boo LOL

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