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He saw Sansa crying herself to sleep at night, and he saw Arya watching in silence and holding her secrets hard in her heart. There were shadows all around them. One shadow was as dark as ash, with the terrible face of a hound. ~Bran, aGoT~

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I'm gonna put a sword through your eye and out the back of 
your skull. (x)

the hound is like that mad uncle who will call u on your shit… then explain how u did it wrong as he whoops your ass…

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They stood, staring, together for the first time in what felt like centuries. Sansa remembered very clearly the last time she had seen Bran, a thousand years ago. He had been sleeping still, his fall fresh, and she hadn’t had the heart to kiss him goodbye. She’d squeezed his hand and whispered her love, then escaped before Arya could see her cry. But he was different now, colder. He was not the curious, excited little brother he had been, but a dark man, with heavy eyes and bad habits. A dark heart.

Rickon was strange as ever, but there was wisdom in his eyes. He looked through Sansa, through the steel exterior and into her lionheart. It made her shiver; every secret she had ever had was plunged by his gaze, every depth was fathomed. She might as well have confessed every sin to him, the way he looked at her. He was strong, and wise and wild. 

And Arya? She kept hands tightly to her sides, her face a mask of indifference, so much so that Sansa could have sworn she was as likely to kill them as to kiss them. The woman who stood before her - my sister, Sansa reminded herself - had a countenance that was darker than Bran’s, who was more of a curmudgeon than a villain, and the same wild nature as Rickon, but it ran deeper. She spoke with the voice of one who knew her own mind; moved in such a way that every action seemed premeditated. There was something in her step, in her presence, that set Sansa’s teeth on edge. The only other time she remembered feeling similarly was when she was alone with the Hound: Fear, but more than that: affection. Arya was her sister, but if Sansa was a lionheart, Bran a darkheart and Rickon a wildheart, it seemed Arya had no heart at all. There was no love in her eyes, no mirth in her smile and no gentleness in her touch. She simply was and was nothing. - potterology-


GoT fans read this shit…its pretty good… 

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game of thrones meme: four deaths [2/4] → ned stark

Maisie Williams’ audition tape for Game of Thrones

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Good form perfect shot! She’ll make a masterful assassin!

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lemon flavored babies…ok Sansa…

Arya gives Jaqen the business…


This relationship is so good.

i’m loving their interaction, tho she keeps thinking about killing him…little smart ass, mouthing off to Lord Tywin and he finds it amusing lol this is a great bit of writing…and 2 good actors to pull it off!


lemon flavored babies…ok Sansa…

What war is Tywin fighting?