biderbeck won’t talk to me anymore):



>_< fibber… u dont reply anymore… i’m… i’m beginning to think… your seeing someone else… O_o

that would be you mr. One Night Stand?

Noooo… don’t use my funnies against me >_< not fair :P

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Ok but…


people who honestly think Cersei is responsible for Ned’s death.

Because you know she didn’t want to spare his life and send him to the wall or anything. It’s not like her kid is an out-of-control shit who does what he wants despite her trying to stop him.


that didn’t happen.

all Cersei’s fault.

that whore.

She fucked her brother, made Joff, then told him he was a king and could do whatever he wanted…thus he wanted Ned’s head on a spike…and on a spike it was…and made poor Sansa stare at it… no its not her fault…but she is responsible for it none the less… fuck Cerci, fuck theon, and fuck joff…puck ass bitches the lot of them!