The assholes keep on coming


I feel like shit today… Yesterday I got a little, or a lot, drunk and I was feeling extra horny! I haven’t had sex since the encounter with the asshole I told u guys about a few weeks ago… So I met some random guy and we have been talking, nothing special, and not too flirty or anything but I think he is regular looking and he has a nice body, he would do, just to end my horniness… I ran into him while I was drinking on the pier and he kept texting me, when the bottle of champagne ran out I texted him insinuating that I wanted some, he didn’t get it, or didn’t want to get it so I said: Do you wanna have sex? He ignored me for a while and then said: I’m good but thanks… I was feeling badly cause no one likes to be rejected, but then, he kept writing and said that I could fuck his friends, that if I wanted they could all fuck me at the same time… Shit like that… So, in conclusion, ANOTHER DAMN ASSHOLE! Why can’t I find anyone not even to fuck? Why do they all treat me like shit??? I am getting sicker and sicker of men; I feel the hate building inside me!!! 

that is some of the most vile shit i’ve ever read… that guy can go fuck himself with a light socket while plugged in and sit around with an exploded penis… jesus thats fucking rude…


-Cry Me a Rainbow-

Woo, it’s done! Now I officially have more than one print to offer, hahaha. It’s about time. Gonna try to get some more finished in time for Mecha Con!

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You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.

she heard me omg

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Michelle Hiraishi

Her head swam, and the sept seemed to move around her. The shadows swayed and shifted, furtive animals racing across the cracked white walls. Catelyn had not eaten today. Perhaps that had been unwise. She told herself that there had been no time, but the truth was that food had lost its savor in a world without Ned. When they took his head off, they killed me too.

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Mount Roraima

The incredible top of Mount Roraima, the 1.8 million year old sandstone plateau. It is also called Roraima Tepui or Cerro Roraima. The geological marvel is one of the oldest formations on Earth, a natural border between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in South America. The mountain is part of Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Angel Falls is also part of this beautiful park. Roraima’s highest point is Maverick Rock at 2,810 meters (9,219 feet). For nature and landscape lovers, Mount Roraima is said to have some of the most fascinating hiking trails in the world.

what is that Starme thing ?

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Confused husky pup

He’s not expressing confusion, he’s tilting his head for better sound localization. While having an ear on each side of the head is good for lateral echolocation, tilting the head so that the ears are offset gives it vertical depth.


No I think he’s confused


the pup does all that to make sense of the sound…so yes hes confused and trying to understand using his puppy detective kit

She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world.‘I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.’

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Shane loved Rick.

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So I made a cheeky end-of-term project for my zombies in pop culture class.

Most of the semester has consisted of reading accounts of white dudes visiting the natives of various countries and talking about cannibalism. So I came up with a story (I had video game in mind when I was making it) where the white settlers were trying to escape Europe and the plague that brought the dead to life.

Just before making landfall, everyone on the ships catches the illness and become the flesh eating undead. The native americans are left to find these massive ships that have washed ashore and are full of pale walking corpses

and they’re like WELP IT’S NOT LIKE THE COLD WINTERS AND OCCASIONAL STARVATION AND WRESTLING WITH BEARS EVER KILLED US so they all just set out to hit all the zombie settlers in the brains with tomahawks and shit and just take it with a grain of salt.

I hope I can keep a straight face when I present this in class oh my god.

PS: The native american outfits are all more or less accurate (albeit from different tribes and eras) considering I did this whole project in two days. But for the settlers I was literally just referencing Halloween costumes hahaha.

A+ 10/10 I would play the hell out of this


the puritans are portrayed perfectly, when they first landed on our lands they were so ill prepared for winter and were resorting to digging up Native graves and eating the dead

OMG I DID NOT NO THAT jfc moniyawak 


Seriously, the robbed the graves too. Settler history is creepy.


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Hearthstone Epic Fail… i am still trying to understand how he fucked that up…

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